Great Savings On Products Suited For The Working Road Warrior

Road Warrior SavingsI spent this last weekend helping my brother and his family move to a beautiful new community far far away. For my brother, his commute to work just about quadrupled. But for him the move was worth this inconvenience. He's not alone. A recent study from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that among U.S. workers who did not work at home, 8.1 percent had commutes of 60 minutes or longer in 2011. It's true that more and more people and spending long hours in their car commuting to work and working outside the office. The car has become an office away from the office.

So, for all the Road Warriors out there, we are offering for a limited time great savings on a variety of Aluratek products to help make your job and commute easier for life on the road. Check out our new eNewsletter to view these Road Warrior Savings.

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