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  • Stocking Stuffers

    Hello, Happy Monday!

    Last week we talked about which Aluratek products would go perfectly under your Christmas tree! Today I want to share which products are great for your cute stockings above your fireplace!

    Here are 10 Aluratek products for your stockings:

    1. BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini SpeakerAPS01F_front

    Aluratek's Bump 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker with Built-in Lithium-ion Battery packs quite a punch for a little guy. The Bump was designed to add high quality audio to your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, or any other device that has a 3.5mm headphone connector. The speaker top swivels 180 degrees so you can adjust the direction of your music.

    2. 2600 mAh Portable Battery Charger

    APBL01Fxx_angle family

    Aluratek's 2600 mAh Portable Battery Charger with LED Flash Light is a great solution to quickly charge your portable devices. A great travel solution for life on the road when you don't have the convenience of an AC outlet nearby.

    3. USB Rechargeable 8" LED Lightbar

    AULED01F_angle powered

    Aluratek's USB Rechargeable 8" LED Lightbar is the ultra versatile tool for your house, car, outdoors or any emergency. The LED Lightbar provides incredibly bright light wherever you need it most. The slim and light weight design of the lightbar makes it very portable and easy to carry in a backpack, travel bag, toolbox or glove compartment. The built-in 4400 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you to simply recharge the LED Lightbar from a computer or any USB power adapter. No more throwing money away on flashlight batteries.

    4. Bluetooth Universal Audio TransmitterABT01F_angle


    Aluratek's Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter is the perfect solution to add Bluetooth transmitting functionality to any audio output device with a 3.5 mm AUX OUT, headset output or RCA output jack. Transmit audio wirelessly from a TV, stereo, desktop computer, laptop, walkman, CD player, MP3 player or even a motorcycle to a Bluetooth enabled device like Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth speakers.

    5. iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver

    AIS01F_angleAIS01F_with car stereo

    The iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver is the perfect solution to stream music wirelessly from your digital device to any device with an RCA or auxiliary IN port. It nearly Bluetooth enables any speaker or receiver with crystal clear results!

    6. Magnetic Dash Mount

    AUCH02F_angleAUCH02F_lifestyle_smartphone mount

    Aluratek's Magnetic Dash Mount is the most compact and sturdy mounting solution for your car on the market today. The dash mount uses a powerful magnet to securely hold your smartphones and other mobile devices in place. Once installed, the dash mount allows for full 360-degree rotation giving you customizable viewing angles making it perfect for web browsing, navigation, hands-free calling, and more. The Magnetic Dash Mount is more compact, stylish and stable than most vent mounts.

    7. AUHM0301F_side angleAUHM0301_with iMac AUHM0301F_back angle

    Aluratek's USB 3.0 Port Extender for iMac brings an easily accessible USB 3.0 port to the front of your computer. Apple’s recent iMac models are designed with the USB ports hidden on the backside making connecting and disconnecting peripherals a challenge especially if you are frequently accessing these ports.

    8. PowerLight Multipurpose 5,000 mAh Rechargeable Flashlight

    ACEK205F - ACEK210F_back angle closeup ACEK205F_lifestyle_charging_adapter ACEK205F_top angle cap ACEK205F_top angle

    Aluratek's PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight with Built-in USB Rapid Charger truly is the world’s next generation flashlight. The PowerLight is durable, waterproof, fireproof and extremely portable making for the perfect multipurpose device for the house, car, toolbox, camping, hiking, rafting or any outdoor adventure.

    9. LED Bookmark

    ALBM01FB_front angle ALBM01FW_front angle ALBM01FW_open book

    Aluratek's LED Rechargeable Bookmark is the perfect reading accessory for night readers, travelers and book lovers of all kinds who wish to read in any low light environment. The multi-function design acts as a bookmark and reading light for stylish reading in bed, office, study halls, libraries, travel, camping, etc.

    10. Levetron USB Optical Gaming Mouse

    AGM2000_angle AGM2000_angle_scale

    The AZIO by Aluratek Levetron USB Gaming Mouse is the perfect gaming accessory to help you take full control of the battlefield. Designed with an imposing, non-slip, rugged look, with illuminated backlit, this mouse is designed to out-perform the competition and give you maximum comfort for long gaming sessions . Features an ergonomic design specially made to support your hand with 3 optimally positioned built-in macro keys for that extra edge on the battlefield. Put hard-to-memorize or complicated commands literally at your finger tips.

    All 10 products listed are small and compact devices that you can simply drop into your Christmas stockings!

    Which products would you put in your Christmas stocking? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to share with us, or leave a comment below!

  • Spring Break Necessities

    Woohoo, Spring break baby!

    Whether you're a student with whole week off to do who knows what or a full-time employee that's taking a mini vacation to get away from the grind of life - it's Spring break and I encourage you to take full advantage of it!

    We have a huge variety of different products from Bluetooth speakers to outdoor flashlights so here are 5 that you can utilize during your Spring break!

    1. 4000 mAh Portable Battery Charger - This product is currently $10.00 on our 10 For $10 Anniversary Special Deal page!

    APB11F_front angle


    APB11F_charging Last thing you want is for you to be out and about and your phone dies. Our 4000 mAh Portable Battery Charger is a great solution to quickly charge your portable devices while traveling. It's small enough to fit in your pocket making it the perfect travel companion. Whether you need more talk time, web browsing, audio play or video playback you will be comforted in knowing that rapid power charging is within reach!


    2. BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker - This product is currently $10.00 on our 10 For $10 Anniversary Special Deal page!


    APS01F_angle with cable What's Spring break without music?! Our BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker packs quite a punch for a little guy. It's designed to add high quality audio. Start "bumping" to your favorite jams on your vacation!


    3. PowerLight Multipurpose Rechargeable Flashlight

    SpringBreak1jpg If you are planning to go on a road trip, I would take this guy with me! The PowerLight is durable, waterproof, fireproof and extremely portable making for the perfect multipurpose device for the house, car, toolbox, camping, hiking, rafting or any outdoor adventure. It is an ideal solution to provide a long lasting light source wherever you need it the most. Depending on which flashlight you have (5,000 mAh or 10,400 mAh) the PowerLight guarantees that you will never be left in the dark. Also utilizing the latest in lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, the PowerLight is perfect for on-the-go charging anywhere, anytime. The flashlight also has a built-in steel hammer to break your car window and a blade to cut seatbelts down for life-threatening situations.


    4. Wireless, Wired Pan - Tilt IP Surveillance Camera 

    SpringBreak2 If you're as paranoid as I am about leaving your home for a few days, then I would look into this product. The Wireless, Wired Pan - Tilt IP Surveillance Camera is designed to deliver live audio and video right to your smartphone or tablet. Have confidence in knowing that your home is protected! You can have full mobile control anytime and anywhere in monitoring your property with the IP Camera's 2 way real time audio communication, motion detection and integrated night vision. So while you're away from home during Spring Break, at least you know you can see what's happening at home if there are any break-ins or other emergencies!


    5. Universal Car Windshield Mount Holder for Smartphones / iPhone

    AUCH01F_angle with iPhone

    AUCH01F_mounted Not only does the Universal Car Windshield Mount Holder for smartphones / iPhone provide convenience but it also keeps you safe. My husband used to yell at me all the time for holding my phone in my hand while driving to use the GPS. I understand how it is extremely dangerous not only for yourself and your passengers but also other drivers to constantly looking down at your phone and looking at the road! I now have the Universal Car Mount attached on my dashboard and I feel much safer. This is a MUST if you're driving long hours to your Spring break destination. Let's be safe out there!


    Which one of these 5 products do you see accompanying you on your Spring break? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Memorial Day Sale Isn't Over!

    Hello! Happy Tuesday!

    We hope that everyone had a very relaxing holiday and remembered to honor the past and present soldiers who fought and are continuing to fight for our rights and freedom!

    Although Memorial Day is over, our promotion is not! Our Memorial Day sale is going to extend through the end of the month so it's not too late to purchase awesome discounted products!


    From Bluetooth headsets to portable banks to Bluetooth speakers, save up to 65%! There's something here for everyone!

    How was your Memorial Day weekend? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway Update!

    Hello, happy Monday!

    We would like to update you on our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! So far we have received a great number of participants and we are so thrilled to hand out products that we carefully selected for this contest.

    12 Days Of Christmas Blog

    Thank you to everyone who have participated in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Don't worry! The raffle is not finished yet. There are 6 days left, so if you haven't entered yet, please do! You will have a chance to win fabulous prizes so why not?! We will announce the winner for DAY 7 tomorrow morning, so go on our Facebook page to enter, and you just might be the lucky one!

    Enter our contest today and tell your family and friends to do the same? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Fight Against Boredom!

    Did you know that July is Anti-Boredom month? I totally get it. It's too hot to be outside to do anything! What a waste of a precious summer day!


    Well, fortunately there are things to do inside a air-conditioned room that will make your day enjoyable. So for all of you who are bored out of your minds...fight back with these boredom-busting digital activities!

    - Digital Game Night: Gather your family and friends in the living room for a fun night of games and trivia! Download a popular game app such as, Heads Up, on your iPhone, smart phone, iPad or tablet and get ready for a hysterical time of friendly-fun and competition!

    -Groove to your "favorite" chores: Okay, I know what you're thinking. "How are chores any fun?" It's not. But, we all have dishes to wash and laundry to fold that we cannot avoid. So what can you do to make chores more bearable? Music! Groove to your favorite summer jam while dusting! Aluratek has a great collection of Bluetooth portable speakers!

    -Solo Movie Night: Relax to one of your favorite movies (mine is The Sandlot!) on your iPad or tablet whether you're laying back on your bed with popcorn, or on your kitchen table sipping on some ice cold lemonade! To make things easier for you, try one of our tablet cases that props your tablet up so you can enjoy your film hands-free!

    -Christmas in the Sun: It's never too early to shop for Christmas gifts! Actually, I'd prefer that so I can avoid the chaos in December. Get a head start and browse through Aluratek's website to purchase a great gift for family and friends!

    Share your Anti-Boredom Month ideas with us! Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • The Sound of Music

    Today is “Buy-A-Musical Instrument” Day! How random is that? If you are a musician in need of a new instrument, today is the day to get one! Or if you are interested in learning an instrument, today is your day!  It’s never too late to learn an instrument. People pick up music all the time as a hobby! However, who has the time to actually sit down and learn guitar tabs or piano chords? It definitely takes a lot of commitment and effort to learn!  We busy people would much rather relax and listen to music, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that! I actually play a few instruments, and I personally think enjoying some good tunes can bring a similar thrilling or peaceful feeling just as if you’re playing an instrument.  So it works out in the end for everyone! Yay!

    Aluratek is promoting a big Memorial Day sale for all the music lovers out there! We have carefully selected some of our very best audio products that will send melodious bliss to your ears. Many of them are Bluetooth compatible speakers where you can stream your songs straight from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices. These portable speakers are perfect for traveling. It’s so easy to use and super convenient! You do not want to miss out on this sale because it ends on May 31!

    And I'll leave you with a awesome video of 2 classical cello players jamming to a popular AC/DC song!

    Have a splendid Memorial Day weekend! Till next time!

    How would you participate with "Buy-A-Musical Instrument" Day? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Memorial Day Sale!

    In addition to honoring all the brave soldiers who have served our great nation, Memorial Day is a day where we love to barbecue out in the backyard, soak up the sun at the beach, and have relaxing picnics at the park with family and friends!

    Memorial Day also means great Memorial Day sales! You won’t want to miss Aluratek’s fantastic savings on our collection of portable audio devices!

    Our wireless audio products are designed for easy traveling and high volume with a full rich sound, so you can enjoy music everywhere you go! Take music to your Memorial Day event!

    So get ready to save big with our budget-friendly Memorial Day special deals! This promotion only extends through May 31st, so hurry!

    What are some of your favorite songs you would listen to celebrate Memorial Day? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Heat Wave!

    The heat in California has certainly been extreme these past few days. Regardless of whether these heat waves persist, it certainly started early. It's without a doubt going to be a long summer! There's nothing wrong with the weather being nice and toasty, but when the heat surpasses our comfort level...well, that's not cool at all (get it?)

    This is the type of heat that no one can enjoy which means more time indoors. Most of us would rather avoid the weather, and hang out inside our homes with the A/C blasting anyway. There are fun things that can take place indoors, and Aluratek has a few things to offer you to make life easier in this crazy heat wave!

    BUMP Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker

    A great way to relax inside your cool home is by listening to some of your favorite tunes! The BUMP blue tooth mini speaker packs quite a punch with its volume. Pair to your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, tablet or computer for your listening pleasure.

    Universal Folio Travel Case for 8-inch Tablets

    Enjoy a good movie on your tablet while protecting it with a stylish case! The Universal Folio Travel Case allows you to securely protect your tablet as you transfer it around wherever you go (probably where the A/C is most blasting in your house!)

    Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand

    If you don't have a case for your tablet, Aluratek's Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand is a great way to prop up your device on our tablet stand when you're watching a movie or reading a good book!

    Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

    Who would want to go out for a jog during a heat wave? That doesn't mean you can't work out indoors! Our Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds is built for you to enjoy music while working out. These earbuds are also sweat proof and tangle free to make life a bit easier!

    What are some tech-related activities you can do indoors during a heat wave? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Dance The Week Away!

    Did you know National Dance Week starts tomorrow? National Dance Week is an annual event (April 25-May 4) in the United States sponsored by the United Dance Merchants of America. The objective of this event is to boost public awareness and admiration of various forms of dance.  The non-profit organization brings a ton of fun through their event with flash mobs, contests, and performances.

    How are you going to celebrate National Dance Week? You can watch a classic movie like Footloose, or you can go super classic and watch Singing in the Rain (who doesn’t love a tap dancing Gene Kelly?!). You can attend a ballet, or do it the right way and just DANCE!

    Aluratek offers a variety of ways to celebrate this year’s National Dance Week. Here are a few highlighted items that will want make you dance like no one is watching!

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Aluratek offers even the most difficult to please audiophiles the ultimate listening experience possible in a small yet powerful footprint. Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the speaker and dance to the music!

    Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

    Stream your favorite tunes and listen to audio from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac laptop. Easy to reach buttons makes it convenient to change tracks and adjust the volume to your favorite dancing tune!

    BUMP Portable MP3 & FM Radio Boombox

    Easily play your music with no configuring or software needed. Simply connect MP3 players and other audio devices with 3.5mm auxiliary audio output or insert a SD / SDHC Card and start “Bumping” to your jam!

    And lastly, I leave you with..."The Evolution of Dance"...enjoy!

    How are you going to celebrate National Dance Week? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Easter Basket Alternatives

    Kids love Easter. Can you blame them? It’s a day filled with Easter egg hunts, egg dyes, and their favorite Easter baskets filled with sweet treats and goodies! It’s definitely a day filled with joy and laughter for the little ones. However, all that candy can drive the parents up the wall with their kids running around on a sugar rush! If you want to avoid the madness and want to go light on the sweets, why not replace their Easter basket goodies with items that you know kids will love and use? Now, I’m not saying to get rid of ALL the sugary goodies (this may cause a dangerous riot within the children), but what about an alternative that‘s useful and will last?

    Aluratek offers a selection of tech goodies that children of all ages can benefit from! These would be great additions to any Easter basket!

    1. Universal Folio Travel Case: Kids can enjoy watching their favorite TV show hands-free with our tablet case. This stylish case also provides suction cups and a mounting system that loops around the tablet’s four corners that holds it securely in place.

    2. Universal Tablet/ iPad/ eReader Stand: Here is another great tablet stand kids can find useful when they’re playing games, watching movies, and reading ebooks!

    3. BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker: A small portable speaker for your little ones! Don’t underestimate the size because Aluratek’s BUMP portable mini speaker can produce a strong volume! Bump up your kids’ favorite song on this speaker, and watch them groove to the music!

    4. Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones: These speakers deliver hands-free convenience and superb hi-fidelity stereo sound wirelessly for your kids! They can stream their favorite songs and listen to audio from a tablet, PC, Mac laptop or a smart phone!

    Although these items may be more than your average spending on goodies to fill up an Easter basket, the quality and durability that they bring will outlast any other treats!

    Happy Easter!

    What tech-goodies would you add to your Easter basket? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

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