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  • Top 5 Annoying Alarm Clocks

    As they say, no one likes to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but imagine waking up to one of these every morning.

    Here at Aluratek, we have compiled a list of some of the most annoying alarm clocks we could find. We may be a bit biased, but our line of Internet Radio Alarm Clocks certainly do trump these morning nuisances.

    1. Puzzle Alarm Clock

    This alarm clock wakes you up by launching three puzzle shapes into the air. It’s up to you to put the pieces back into their correct slot to disarm the alarm. Now we all enjoy a good brain-teaser but not before our morning coffee…please.

    Puzzle Alarm Clock

    2. Laser Target Alarm Clock

    Ready. Aim. Fire. That’s the concept behind this next alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, you are to disarm it by aiming a laser beam directly at its center. While annoying, it is sure to make you alert and focused for the day ahead.

    Laser Tag Alarm Clock

    3. Flying Alarm Clock

    You had better brush up on your Quidditch skills for this next alarm clock. The blowfly alarm clock launches skyward at the sound of your alarm – making you catch it mid-flight and return it to its dock to shut-off the alarm. I think I’ll be shipping a few to Hogwarts this holiday season.

    Flying Alarm Clock

    4. ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock

    If you are really looking for a jolt in the morning and coffee isn’t doing the trick, look no further than this next alarm clock. This clock features loud tones, a flashing strobe and vibrating pad (which conveniently fits under your pillow). According to ClearSounds, the clock offers a ringing level of 95 decibels or 5 decibels shy of that of a jackhammer.

    Clear Sounds

    5. Clocky

    The name sure sounds adorable, but this little device is quite the opposite. When you hit Clocky’s snooze, he will commence in what can best be described as a “nightmarish version” of hide-and-seek. Clocky will roll around your room, find a place to hide and then blare his alarm once again – making you get out of bed and find him.


    These alarm clocks are sure to get anyone up and out of bed, but why go through all the hassle. An Internet Alarm Clock Radio from Aluratek is sure to get the job done, and you will be able to enjoy your morning wake-up in the comfort of your choice of music.

  • "Name That Book Cover" to Win a Libre eBook Reader PRO

    Just in time for the holiday season, Aluratek presents yet another contest to you, our loyal fans.

    We have given away Internet Alarm Clock Radios and iPod speaker docks, but now it’s time for you to win a chance at our crowning joy, the Libre eBook Reader PRO.

    Each week, starting this upcoming Monday, December 6, we will feature a famous book cover in an image of our infamous eReader. All you have to do is guess the title of the novel by replying to us on Twitter (@Aluratek) with the correct answer and the hash tag #WinAluratek and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card (what a great discount on your eBook Reader!). A winner will be chosen ever Friday for the duration of the contest.

    ebook reader pro

    But that’s not all! At the end of the four weeks of contests, all those who answered the book cover question correctly will be entered into a random drawing to win a Libre eBook Reader PRO!

    Two contests in one – and all throughout the month of December! Interested in winning? Help us spread the word/holiday cheer! The Libre eBook Reader PRO would be a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season and now you have a chance to win one at the end of the month!

    Name the Book Cover Twitter Contest

    Happy tweeting!

  • Score an Internet Radio this Holiday Season

    The holiday season is upon us so why not get a jump-start on your shopping before Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Aluratek?

    Sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday

    Hear what some Aluratek customers have to say about their recent Internet radio purchase:

    I love this product! The sound is immaculate when coupled with a good receiver. Saves you the hundreds you will have to pay for a receiver with inbuilt Internet capabilities. I am currently stationed in Germany but still able to enjoy stateside radio stations! I have owned this product for three months and highly recommend this product. Undoubtedly, a solid buy! (Posted on 11/21/10)

    Great Value! I bought to complement my second receiver that doesn't have Internet radio. Now it can do what my main receiver does, get Internet radio and play my playlists from iTunes on my PC. I can even control it with my Harmony remote. Great! (Posted on 11/14/10)

    I have owned and used this radio for about a month. I needed a radio that could be used to play Internet radio stations through my stereo system, which is located a good distance from my PC (though well within the range of my WiFi network). This radio is, as far as I'm concerned, the perfect solution. Setup was quick and easy, even with my secure network; the sound quality is overall the same as I enjoy from my digital FM tuner; and the station selection is very impressive. I couldn't be more satisfied, especially given the reasonable price. (Posted on 9/11/10)

    Our line of internet radios are literally flying off the shelves both in our online store in retail stores, so order one while you can!

  • Miami Herald Reviews Libre eBook Reader PRO

    Bridget Carey of the Miami Herald conducts a hands-on review of our Libre eBook Reader PRO:

    Miami Herald reviews Aluratek eReader

    Bridget raves about the Libre's easy-to-read screen and functionality. It's,

    "easy to navigate with side buttons or by using directional arrows. And you have the option to turn pages using a slider bar or buttons."

    Miami Herald reviews Aluratek eReader

    She goes on to highlight its auto shut-off timer for inactivity and the last page read feature.

    What else can the Libre eReader do? Check out our older blog posts on the Libre's as a perfect holiday gift or read the entire Miami Herald eBook reader review.

  • Holiday Wish List: Tech Toys for Children

    It’s not just you who want the latest in tech – your kids want in on the action too!

    In honor of “Dear Santa Letter Week” we at Aluratek wanted to share with you some of the top tech toys for little ones this holiday season:

    Leapster Explorer™ Camera and Video Recorder:

    Kids can take pictures and personalize them and shoot movies for music videos. Eight activities encourage creative expression, explore emotions and help build skills with letters, numbers and shapes.

    Toys for children

    • Take, store and edit up to 1,000 photos.

    • Stretch, stamp and draw on pictures to personalize them.

    • Create puzzles or use photos to tell a story.


    Geopalz is a 2-D activity tracker and online game that monitors and reports a child’s physical activity throughout the day. The GeoPalz easy-to-use pedometer sits on a

    child’s belt and comes in several kid-friendly designs in various character groups, such as “Sports,” “Rock,” “Fantasy” and “Cutesy.”

    For every step walked with a GeoPalz, the closer a child is to winning a prize! Pedpoints are added to GeoPalz online tracker. A child can then manually enter his or her steps online and as they start to add up, the points can be used to redeem prizes like basketballs, jump ropes or Frisbees.

    Discovery High Tech Amazing Money Jar Bank:

    Grow your savings the high tech way with this digital “piggy” bank! Adults and kids alike will have fun while reaping the rewards that come with building a little nest egg, coin by coin. Keep tabs on your total at all times while you put that pocket change to good use – a great gift for all ages!

    Features include:

    • Easy-to-read LCD displays running total on lid
    • Instantly recognizes and registers amount of all deposited U.S. coin currency
    • Made of safe, non-breakable, durable plastic

    And for the kid in you, don't forget to visit the Aluratek store for all the best in tech including eBook readers, digital video camcorders and internet radios.

  • Digital Trends Highlights the Internet Alarm Clock Radio

    "Clock radios might be a terrible passé way to wake up in the morning…but what about waking up to Internet radio?" - "Aluratek Wi-Fi alarm wakes to Internet radio", Digital Trends

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

    Digital Trends, a popular online source for technology news, product reviews and buying guides highlights the Aluratek's Internet Alarm Clock Radio (model AIRMM02F) in a recent gadget spotlight.

    So what else did they have to say?

    "Aluratek’s Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-in Wi-Fi offers users a way to wake up to Internet-based radio stations anywhere they can get Internet access—and that can be via Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection."

    Read the entire article on Aluratek's alarm clock.

  • Internet Radio Stations for Free Streaming

    So by now you've heard all about our new Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built-In WiFi as well as our Facebook photo contest to win one, but why not showcase some of the top Internet radio stations to pair with it?

    Alarm Clock with Built-In WiFi from Aluratek

    It's easier than ever to stream live music to your portable device, especially with your internet radio from Aluratek. Jam out to the following internet radio stations, free of charge, from where ever in the world.

    Pandora, Grooveshark and Shoutcast (seen below) are some popular ones, but why not check out RadioTower, Live365, or Slacker for different sounds all over the world!

  • Sign Up Now and Receive 10% Off from Aluratek

    Would you like to be an Aluratek Preferred Customer? Sign up now to receive emails about Aluratek news updates, events, announcements and product offers. And, when you sign up, you receive 10% off your first order!

    It's easy to do, too! Just visit our newsroom, enter your e-mail and press "submit." What's keeping you?

  • Wake Up to Aluratek Photo Contest

    You wanted another contest and we listened! Aluratek proudly presents “Wake Up with Aluratek” Facebook photo contest

    The Facebook photo contest begins on Monday, November 8 and lasts until the end of the month. To enter for your chance to win, visit our Facebook fan page, click on the “Contests” tab and upload a photo of your current alarm clock. Don’t forget to include a caption that tells us why you would like to win the Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built in WiFi (model AIRMM02F).

    Three winners will be chosen at random to win Aluratek’s new Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built in WiFi, which allows you to easily access more than 11,000 radio stations in over 150 countries around the world with no monthly fees. Search for music geographically by continent, country, state or by the more than 50 different available genres including a wealth of talk, local news and sports radio stations broadcast throughout the world.

    Good luck to all!

  • $99 Ereader Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving

    It’s no secret that e-books are a must-have on holiday lists this year. Recently partnered with Borders, Aluratek makes it easy to give a coveted eReader by offering the Libre eBook Reader PRO for only $99!

    The Libre is an entry-level eBook Reader that utilizes the latest monochrome reflective light LCD display technology, eliminating the flicker experienced during page turns on other devices. Its superior battery life allows for up to 24 hours continuous use as well.

    Connecting directly to the Borders eBook store for convenient purchasing, the Libre is a simple-to-use and affordable gift option. Great for anyone in the family, it also features MP3 and photo support and Adobe’s Digital Edition software allowing DRM support for ePUB and PDF formats.

    The Libre supports up to 32 GB of storage – with a 2GB SD card included and pre-loaded with 100 classic book titles like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

    Reduced to an MSRP of $99 for the holidays, the Libre is the perfect gift this holiday.

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