Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame = Perfect Gift!

Earlier this month we were fortunate to receive a great review from Cher from the Mom and More Blog regarding our 10 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen IPS LCD Display and 8GB Built-in Memory. This is a Best Buy exclusive frame and can only be purchased from Best Buy. You may also find our 10" Slim and 14" Digital Frame models. Read an excerpt from her review below and run out to Best Buy with your holiday gift cards and pick one up today! This frame is the perfect gift for anyone you want to share photo with.

"When digital picture frames first came out I remember them being a big deal. Back then you had to put the camera’s SD card in the frame to display pictures but it was then a pain to update them. I mean who has the time to pop out the SD card, put new pictures on it and then re-display? So basically what happened for us was we loaded pictures on our frame and then never updated them.

Well now with WiFi and the “cloud”, technology is getting more and more user-friendly. Now there is no excuses for not displaying new photos thanks to the Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame! It is a touchscreen digital photo frame that connects to your WiFi so photos can be shared and displayed automatically! To make it even easier, you can even sync the frame with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so any image you post to those accounts will transfer directly to the frame..."

WiFi Digital Photo Frame

10" WiFi Digital Frame - home menu

Sound good so far? Read the rest of the review over at Mom and More.

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4 thoughts on “Aluratek WiFi Digital Photo Frame = Perfect Gift!”

  • Jo Ann

    Greg, I'm trying to play a video on my 14" digital photo frame. It says to click play on the remote, but I don't see a play button on my remote. Any clue? Thanks, Jo Ann

    • Greg

      Hi Jo Ann, thanks for your question. Please highlight the video icon from the main menu using the directional buttons and press enter to go to the video mode. If there is more than one video, it should be listed there. You can then select the video you want to view using the directional buttons and press Enter to confirm. Let me know if this helps.

  • Hedwig

    Hi Can you tell me how to find the serial number of the digital frame?
    I tried to go to settings then device info but it shows frame ID Unknown.


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