Aluratek Gets Digital in Vegas – CES 2011

It’s hard to believe 2010 has come and gone. Just a year ago we were introducing our Libre eBook Reader PRO and CINEPAL HD Personal Media Player at the 2010 International CES. And more recently, we unveiled the “Bump” Wireless Speaker line.

Consumer Electronics Show

So where does that leave us today? Well, we’re heading back to Sin City for another action packed round at the Consumer Electronics Show, and we’re bringing you some exciting product announcements along the way.

We’re cutting the cord on this one – say hello to the Libre Air eBook Reader with Wi-Fi. For simple eBook downloading, the Libre Air adds wireless connectivity to the existing Libre eBook Reader PRO. Like its original counterpart, the Libre Air features an exclusive reflective light LCD screen technology, which gives it the same appearance and readability of printed-paper.

Our second announcement is the Cinepad, the new Android tablet with a capacitive 10.1-inch ultra crisp and responsive touch LCD screen. Supported with Adobe Flash Lite, web browsing has never been easier. Other features include email, instant messaging, a Micro SD card slot and many more.

Both products plus the “Bump” wireless speaker line and Libre | Color will be on display at our booth in the South Hall, booth #36831. Don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello to the Aluratek team!

3 thoughts on “Aluratek Gets Digital in Vegas – CES 2011”

  • Flaviu

    It's for you to judge if this is on topic or off topic...
    Is the Cinepal available anywhere in Europe? It looks like the ideal replacement of the portable DVD player for families with kids going on vacation. I believe that many parents (and kids) would be more than happy to ditch from their luggage the pile of scratched DVDs.... And the performance and price is right on target (maybe except the memory...) However looking to get one in Europe, I could not find any seller. And it seems a bit odd.

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