5 Tips to Organizing Your Desk

Cluttered Desk

We’ve all seen it before, that one person in the office who has an immeasurable amount of sticky notes all over their computer screen, or has cables running to places that make you ask yourself, “What electronically powered device could possibly be hidden there?” Well, don’t fall into the same habit. A cluttered desk can lower valuable productivity and cause you to waste time searching for important items.

Thankfully, Aluratek is here to give you some handy tips for keeping your desk organized.

Use a filing system – A great habit to start is to file important documents into a system that you’ll be able to easily locate in the future. To begin this process, it’s good to keep blank file folders and a label maker at your desk. This will only take a few minutes to do and could save you hours of playing hide-and-seek in the future.

Throw out pens – Ok, well you don’t actually need to trash them, but there’s no need for 20 pens. Remove any uncapped or excess pens; you only need two or three.

Limit the amount of photo frames – We all like to be reminded of the ones who are special in our lives, but too many frames can clutter your desk and cause a distraction. A good alternative would be to store all of your photos on an Aluratek Digital Photo Frame. Store thousands of pictures at one time with over 500 MB of built in memory.

Don’t eat at your desk – This can be hard at times. We all have busy schedules and finding the time to pause what we’re doing and eat in the break lounge can be nearly impossible. However, eating at your desk makes it easy for breadcrumbs to find their way into your keyboard. Also, it is nice to take a mental break from work. By doing so, you can enjoy a little time away from phone and computer interruptions.

Eliminate the cords – In this technological society we are living in, many of us have a plethora of electronics on our desk. All of these cables can quickly turn into a tangled mess. Why not clear the clutter with an Aluratek 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub? Easily connect your printer, scanner, external hard drive, cell phone and more in one device.

Do you have any more useful tips for organizing your desk? Go ahead and share them with us in the comments below!

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