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  • The Oscars And The Internet

    What a night! The 88th Academy Awards was an interesting one, for sure. The biggest A-List movie stars were all there hoping for a chance to win an award for their hard work. Lady Gaga gave a powerful performance and Chris Rock hosted the award show despite all the Oscars drama happening. However, a few unexpected wins and several awkward jokes later - the moment EVERYONE and their moms were waiting for was about to happen. As Julianna Moore read off the nominees for Best Actor, we all know the entire world was watching hoping and praying that our beloved Leonardo Dicaprio would win his first Oscar. And he did. I'm not surprised as he is one of the most talented actors of our time that has delivered some of the best performances to the big screen. Imagine if he didn't...the internet would've gone crazy. Probably a riot? Leo has been nominated for an Academy Award countless times but was never given a chance to go up on that glorious stage and give his acceptance speech.

    Social media and the internet EXPLODED. Not only did he win an Oscar but he won the most tweeted moment in Oscar history, beating Ellen DeGeneres's Oscar selfie couple years back. About 255,000 tweets a minute and after Leo's Oscar win? About 440,000 PER MINUTE. Whoo! The Oscars was really about Leonardo Dicaprio thanks to the internet and its awesome trending memes.



    The Internet Really Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar

    The Internet Really Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar

    leonardo oscar comic

    leonardo oscar

    leonardo dicaprio oscar memes

    leonardo dicaprio oscar memes

    leonardo dicaprio oscar memes

    leonardo dicaprio oscar memes

    leonardo oscar bad luck


    AFTER LEONARDO DICAPRIO'S FIRST OSCARS WIN: (the internet moves fast)

    The Internet Really Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar



    Congrats Leo! Well-deserved.

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  • 10 For $10 Anniversary Specials


    This year marks Aluratek's 10th anniversary. To honor our anniversary and to share our excitement with you, we are offering 10 items for $10! You can find products such as our LED Candles, Bluetooth Speaker Tablet, Portable Battery Charger and more!

    Thank you for your loyal patronage over the years!

    Our 10 for $10 deal will extend through the whole year!

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  • 7 Tech-Savvy U.S. Presidents

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Aluratek was closed yesterday for President's Day so that was a nice treat!

    So in honor of President's Day, here is a list of 7 U.S. presidents who were all pretty tech-savvy:

    1. Abraham Lincoln

    The telegraph was the first way to deliver messages across the country in a flash and Abraham Lincoln modernized the way the government communicated when he forced its members to use the telegraph. By 1865, the telegraph would be one of the main reasons that the North won the Civil War!

    2. Rutherford B. Hayes

    President Hayes installed a phone in the White House. Guess what the phone number was? 1. Yep, just 1.

    3. Harry Truman

    This one is tough to call, but we're going to go with Harry Truman. FDR made remarks at the World's Fair in New York in 1939 that were broadcast on TVs on the fairgrounds. But the first over-the-air TV broadcast by a President was by Truman in 1947. What took so long? Even when Truman made his broadcast, there were only about 44,000 TVs in America.<br /><br /><br />
(Image: National Archives)</p><br /><br />

    The first over-the-air television broadcast by a President was by Truman in 1947.

    4. Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Eisenhower began a satellite program four years before Sputnik - Explorer I successfully launched in 1958.

    5. Richard Nixon

    The first personal computer in the White House was the Xerox Alto while Richard Nixon was president.

    6. George W. Bush

    George W. Bush was the first president to officially use email in the White House. Bill Clinton could've taken the title, but he didn't use email for security reasons.

    7. Barrack Obama

    President Obama fought to keep his smartphone. He also is the first president to use a smartphone, take a selfie and send the first text message. Seriously?

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  • Most Iconic Super Bowl Halftime Shows

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you were probably propped up in front of your big screen TV yesterday with a plate of wings in one hand and a foam finger in the other as you watched the Denver Broncos take down the North Carolina Panthers. What. A. Game. Congrats to the future Hall Of Famer Quarterback, Peyton Manning, for winning his second championship and a big congrats to his team as well. Well deserved.

    Being a girl, it's usually expected that my Super Bowl is the halftime show but I assure you that it's the least of my concern because I am a HUGE football fan (Go Niners!). However, this year I was actually looking forward to the halftime show since one of my all-time bands was performing! COLDPLAY YAAAAAS!! :) But what was really awesome was how they were celebrating previous halftime shows from the past. To see Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger, etc and how far our Super Bowl Halftime shows have come made me a...little...emotional?? Thousands of fans in the stadium get to experience all the amazing sound quality, lights, fireworks, stunts, and just the ecstatic atmosphere of being in the presence of talented artists...and then there's millions more viewing it on their TV! Biggest stage in the world? Indeed.

    So today, I want to do a list of 5 halftime show performances (in no particular order) that will always be iconic - Ready?!

    1. U2 -  Super Bowl XXXVI (2002)

    Months after one of the most tragic event that happened in U.S. history - U2 stepped out on to the stage and tapped into the serenity of the soul with their music. As Bono sang "Where The Streets Have No Name", names of the fallen victims of 9/11 scrolled down on the big screen behind them and it touched the hearts of every American, U2 fan or not.

    2. Bruno Mars - Super Bowl XLVIII (2014)

    Despite a very boring game with the Seahawks leading the Broncos with a score of 22-0 at the HALF...the Bruno Mars show sure woke everyone back up! Wow. What a performance! Who knew he had moves?! Well - I didn't. I instantly became a Bruno Mars fan after the show. They even brought in the Red Hot Chili Peppers to rock out with the entire stadium! Fantastic.

    3. Paul McCartney - Super Bowl XXXIX (2005)

    How can you go wrong with a Beatles legend? You can't. McCartney rocked out with "Get Back" and "Live and Let Die" before bringing the entire stadium to sing along to the famous "Hey Jude." Classic.


    4. Beyonce - Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

    Beyonce's halftime performance was the second-most watched Super Bowl halftime show in history (at the time) and I am not surprised at all. Super diva Beyonce sang her past and current hits that includes "Single ladies" and "Crazy In Love". Her former Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams also joined the stage with a fiery performance. Beyonce sure knows how to entertain.

    1. Michael Jackson - Super Bowl XXVII (1993)

    Let's be honest...watching this legendary singer moonwalk through smoke and lights while delivering his best hits on the biggest stage in the world is a once in a lifetime experience. Just see for yourself -

    6. Coldplay - Super Bowl XXXXX (2016)

    And yes, this one is a little biased but I'm still putting them on this list! Haha! Loved how they combined their "Oldplay" songs like "Clocks" and "Fix You" and mixed it in with their newer jams such as "Adventures Of A Lifetime", "Paradise" and their classic "Viva La Vida." Of course Beyonce and Bruno Mars made another appearance and made a great addition to the set. Yay!

    (yes it looks like a potato recorded this performance - I'll make sure to post up a better quality once it comes out!)

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  • A Match Made For TV Heaven!

    tv heaven

    Valentine's Day if fast approaching and time is running out to find that perfect gift for your valentine. If you have already found a gift, you are to be saluted! Way to plan ahead, you should be commended. But, if you are like the most of us you have yet to find a gift mostly because you have no idea what to buy. How many times can you get away with flowers and candy and that obligatory card? Looking for something unique? Well, Aluratek has the perfect gift - we like to say it's a match made for TV heaven. Our new Bluetooth Wireless TV Streaming Kit combines a Bluetooth Universal Audio Transmitter and a pair of high quality Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones to create the ultimate home entertainment experience.

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with this perfect pair for a special introductory price! This promotion only extends through February 10th!

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  • Home Automation With Just A Touch


    Home Automation is quickly becoming all the rage. With the technology available to us, why not? How great would it be to be able to turn on a lamp, space heater or fan with the touch of a button? Well, now you can. Today, Aluratek is pleased to present the arrival of our Wireless Home Automation Switch Kit in our growing Indoor / Outdoor product category. This switch gives you remote control of your home appliances and electronic devices with the touch of a button.

    The RF wireless switch simply plugs directly into any AC outlet in your home. Use the included remote control to with device plugged into the switch anytime, from any room in your home. The remote has a range up to 65 feet (20 meters). Each switch features a status indicator LED and an ON / OFF button on the front of the unit so you can easily control the switch when the remote is not within reach.

    Check out this great video that shows you how it works:

    Plug the Wireless Home Automation Switch into any AC outlet in your living room, kitchen, home office or bedroom to remotely turn on and off any home appliance or electronic device that is plugged into the. Works perfect for lamps, fans, space heaters, stereos, coffee makers and even holiday lights. If you can plug it, you can control it!

    homeautoswitch-applications Easily automate lamps, fans, coffee makers and more!


    Control your home appliances and electronic devices from the easy to use remote control. Turn each of the three switches On or Off or turn all the switches on or off all at once with the touch of a button. The remote has a range up to 65 feet (20 meters).

    The Wireless Home Automation Switch Kit is completely customizable, flexible and designed to work with all three switches at once so you can have full control up to three devices as you need in any room in your house.

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