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  • 5 New Year's Tech Resolutions

    Every year we write a list of things we want to accomplish for the next year to come. This may involve eating healthier, losing weight, quit smoking and the list goes on and on. A resolution's purpose is to better yourself especially with habits that aren't quite so good for you. As the years go by, technology is getting more advanced and so easy to access with the touch of a smartphone or tablet. How often are our eyes glued to the screen? How often do we spend time outside of the digital world and appreciate and take in all the great things life has to offer other than technology?

    If you know that you are a addicted to your gadgets here are 5 solutions you can jot down for your New Year's resolution!

    1. Organize your bookmark links on your web browsers!

    This may seem tedious, but believe me it helps! Time is everything so if you can save some at all, organizing your bookmarks into folders and naming them accordingly will make your searches a lot faster instead of tirelessly scrolling through all of them.

    2. Social media addiction?

    Addicted to Twitter? Find most of your time scrolling through your Instagram page? What a big time waster if that's all you do! Rearrange your most used social media apps from your home screen to the second page of your phone. The little extra effort to get to the 2nd page makes a huge difference.

    3. Push the notifications away!

    The purpose of push notifications is to interrupt you. I hate them so much! Unless you get in trouble from your spouse, family members, friends or even getting terminated at work for missing the notifications, I encourage you to turn all of them off. Oh and also since we're already on the topic, if you're busy at work, school or just preoccupied with other things and do not want to be bothered with phone calls or text messages, there is a Do Not Disturb tab on the iPhone that holds off all calls and text messages when you activate it.

    4. Get a real alarm clock!

    Stay away from the alarm clock system on your smartphone or tablet. Waking up in the morning is already hard enough so would you want to add more stress being woken up with work emails and other internet nuisances? Get an alarm clock. Remember those? They're not that expensive and you can even find ones with creative and funny features such as the Defuse-A-Bomb alarm clock.

    Here at Aluratek we also offer a nifty WiFi Internet Radio alarm clock that we know you will love!

    WiFi Internet Radio

    5. Disconnect before bedtime

    Sleep does a body good and is VERY important so turn off devices and wind down peacefully without the disturbance and distraction of your smartphone or tablet. This one is probably the most difficult as I like to fall asleep to a movie or TV show on Netflix, but let's be's the reason why I don't get enough sleep!

    I encourage and challenge everyone including myself to add at least one of these tech resolutions to your list this year! Good luck and happy new year!

    Which one of these tech resolutions do you think you would struggle with the most? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • 3 Star Wars Technology Realities

    Star Wars. Yes the craze is all to real and it's very exciting! I personally have not seen it yet (movie ticket lines are ridiculous) but I've heard great things so far.

    All the special effects that went into the old school Star Wars films were pretty insane considering it was made during the 70's and 80's but as you notice, the effects get better and better as each movie is released due to the advancement of film technology. Some of the creations in Star Wars is something that we wish were real so we can have our own and you know what? That wish might actually come true.

    Here are 3 Star Wars technologies that could possibly be turned into a reality, maybe:


    The infamous Lightsaber is probably the most iconic weapon in the sci-fi world. Each Lightsaber is said that is is powered by quasi-mystical kyber crystal, which resonates both with the Force and with its individual Jedi or Sith. Now that sounds kind of silly - how can this possibly become a reality? Well it hasn't been figured out 100% yet, but back in 2013 researchers at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to get molecules together creating a state of matter that had previously only been hypothetical. Hopefully one day...

    Imperial Walkers

    Legend tells that George Lucas' idea for the Imperial Walker sparked from giant cargo lifters he saw on the San Francisco Bay. Adding to that idea, Boston Dynamics' BigDog robot and the Imperial Walker are very similar in scale and style. The BigDog is very mobile as it can run, climb steep slopes and carry more than 300 pounds of cargo.


    Han Solo's many dangerous escapes in the original trilogy involved the super duper HYPERDRIVE engine that allow the ships to zoom across the galaxy to different planets with a speed that's faster than light (FTL)!

    We are no where close to hyperdrive technology however NASA is indeed investigating an "impossible" alternative technology. The electromagnetic propulsion drive takes energy directly into thrust and continues to be tested.

    So for all you Star Wars fans, don't lose hope! Maybe someday one of these high-tech concepts will become a reality!

    With that said - Aluratek hopes you all enjoy your holidays with your loved ones! Happy holidays and may the force be with you!

    What Star Wars tech creations would you like to see become a reality?! Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

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  • North Pole High School Holiday Spirit Raffle


    Show your support for the North Pole High School Snowflakes by entering the Holiday Spirit Raffle. Each raffle entry helps the students achieve their goal of getting Santa a new state of the art sleigh. Shhhh! Don't let the big guy know - it's a surprise for Christmas.

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