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    We want to know what you think about Aluratek! Rate and review any product and be entered into our monthly raffle for a chance to win an Aluratek product. Each review you submit into the sweepstakes increases your chance of winning! 

    Writing a review is quick and easy! 

    1. Select any product and click the "write a review" button.

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  • Memorial Day Sale Isn't Over!

    Hello! Happy Tuesday!

    We hope that everyone had a very relaxing holiday and remembered to honor the past and present soldiers who fought and are continuing to fight for our rights and freedom!

    Although Memorial Day is over, our promotion is not! Our Memorial Day sale is going to extend through the end of the month so it's not too late to purchase awesome discounted products!


    From Bluetooth headsets to portable banks to Bluetooth speakers, save up to 65%! There's something here for everyone!

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  • May : Spotlight Of The Month Part II

    We already did a Spotlight Of The Month of May, but we just couldn't wait to announce our newest product because it's THAT awesome!

    So introducing...

    The Aluratek's WiFi Smart Home Automation Switch! It gives you wireless control of your home appliances and electronic devices from your smartphone or tablet. The WiFi Home Automation Switch plugs directly into any AC outlet in your home. Set-up is quick and easy utilizing the Wi-Fi Home Automation Switch App and works with your existing WiFi network or mobile internet which means you can control any device plugged into the switch anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.


    AWHAS01F_front connected

    24/7 Home Automation
    Plug the WiFi Smart Home Automation Switch into any AC outlet in your living room, kitchen, home office or bedroom to remotely turn on and off any home appliance or electronic device that is plugged into the switch whether you are at home, at work, or out of town. Works perfect for lamps, fans, space heaters, air conditioning units, TVs, stereos, coffee makers, crockpots, and even holiday lights. Never wonder again if the iron or hair straightener was left on. If you can plug it, you can control it!.


    Download the Free App
    Simply download the free icomen WiFi Home Automation Switch App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet. You can control your home devices from anywhere you go 24/7 when your smart device (with app installed) is connected to your home wireless network or mobile internet connection. The app can control multiple switches at once and each switch can be controlled by multiple smartphones or tablets.


    Set Schedules and Countdown Timers
    The app makes it easy to set schedules and countdown timers for each appliance or electronic device that is plugged into a switch. For instance, you can program your coffee maker to brew each morning at 7AM. Schedule the lamp in your bedroom to turn off as you leave for work. Program a space heater to warm a room at sunrise. Control an AC unit or fan to start cooling your house before you arrive home from work. Set-up a countdown timer on your TV or stereo so it will turn off after a number of hours. You can even set a timer for your holiday lights.


    Customizable and Flexible
    The WiFi Home Automation Switch is completely customizable, flexible and designed to work with additional switches so you can have full control to monitor as many devices as you need in any room in your house. Turn all your devices on or off all at once or program each one to turn on or off at a specific time with the mobile app. Use as a anti-theft solution, have peace of mind knowing all your appliances are turned off, save on electricity costs and enjoy total remote access of your home.

    AWHAS01F_lifestyle lamp

    How cool is this?! To see it in action, watch our fun animated video!

    What home appliance would you connect to Aluratek's WiFi Smart Home Automation Switch? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • May: Spotlight Of The Month

    USB Rechargeable 8" LED Lightbar

    For the May spotlight of the month we would like to introduce our USB Rechargeable 8" LED Lightbar. This ultra versatile tool is perfect for your house, car, outdoors or any emergency.

    The LED Lightbar provides incredibly bright light wherever you need it most. The slim and light weight design of the lightbar makes it very portable and easy to carry in a backpack, travel bag, toolbox or glove compartment. The built-in 4400 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you to simply recharge the LED Lightbar from a computer or any USB power adapter. No more throwing money away on flashlight batteries.

    USB Rechargeable 8" LED Lightbar lifestyle applications

    Be Prepared in an Emergency and never be left in the dark again during a power outage or in an emergency situation. AULED01F is also great for road emergencies in the event your car breaks down or you need to signal for help. You will love all the versatile applications the LED Lightbar can achieve. Bring to your campground, tent interior, backyard BBQ, or workbench the efficient light source you need.

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