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  • Digital Frames Equipped With Motion Sensors

    8 inch Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor and 4GB Built-in Memory

    Two new digital photo frames have arrived to Aluratek. Introducing our 8" and 10" Digital Photo Frames with Motion Sensors and 4GB Built-in Memory. These frames still feature wonderful picture quality, ease of use, and affordability just like our other digital frames, but these new frames comes equipped with a built-in motion sensor on the front of the frame.

    The frame will automatically turn on when movement is detected up to 10 feet away. The frame will resume slideshow or video play. The frame will automatically shut off if no motion is detected after the set time. Set the frame to auto turn off at times of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 10 minutes so you don't have to unplug your frame before going to sleep, leaving the office or worry about wasting energy.

    For a limited time only you can purchase these frames at an introductory low low price. Find out all the details by checking out our Mother's Day promotion. You can also find great deals on our LED Flameless Wax Candles and Bluetooth Accessories.

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  • April : Spotlight Of The Month

    Last month we shared our Spotlight Of The Month product, and since it's middle of April we want to highlight one of our newest products.

    *drum roll* pleaaaaase...

    Behold the LED Wax Candle!

    ALC3506F - ALC3507F_lifestyle

    The 6 inch Flameless LED Wax Candle makes a great addition to your home or business without the mess of melting wax and the danger of an open flame. The candle's neutral ivory color works with any interior decor so you can create beautiful mantel displays, tabletop centerpieces and add accent to any bedroom, kitchen, table, end table, reception counter or desk. The Flameless LED Wax Candle features a realistic flame that simulates a bright flickering light just like a real candle. The body of the candle is made with real wax that gives the candle a natural appearance. Adjust the timer on the bottom of the candle to glow for 4 or 8 hours at a time.

    Lucky for you, we are holding a promotion on this item. Simply click here to find out the promotion! Check it out!

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  • Mystery Deal - Brighten Your Mood

    Aluratek has another Mystery Deal promotion going on right now. Let’s just say it will brighten your mood. Uncovering this mystery is easy. Simply click here to find out the promotion.
    Hurry, this deal could vanish at any time!


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  • Interstellar - Mind. Blown.

    I may be a little late, but I finally watched Interstellar last night! Actually, I watched it a couple of months ago, but I was occupied with other things so I wasn’t able to focus, and with Interstellar every ounce of your attention span needs to be fully immersed into the movie or you’ll easily get lost. That’s what I did and boy, that Christopher Nolan blew my mind away.

    Interstellar is about a team of explorers that undertake the most significant mission in human history – traveling beyond this galaxy to seek out an alternative world where humanity can settle and leave a dying earth behind. The thought process to getting a concept like that across AND to actually execute it all visually was EXTREMELY insane.

    What I really want to talk about is the technology and art that went behind this amazing movie. Interstellar won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects In February. Who’s surprised?? Not I.  Visual Effects directors, Paul Franklin and Andrew Lockey, - who also scooped up an Oscar for Christopher Nolan’s Inception 4 years ago- truly earned their spotlight.

    Director, Christopher Nolan, had his visual effects team meet with an astrophysicist so they can grasp the idea and bring it to life on film. They learned all about time warps, gravity, Einstein’s relativity theory, and black holes. With the special effects, the VFX team was able to change light rays using distorted paths and shapes of millions of light beams to achieve a realistic look for many of the scenes. This is something that has never been done in Hollywood film.

    (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) The iconic scene with the 5th dimension was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on film. Cooper entered into Gargantua (black hole) and was able to foresee the past and future and literally drift into different time zones all while sending codes to his daughter. It was very complex scene but the team executed it so well for viewers to understand what was going on. What’s crazier is that they did not use any of the green screens for that entire sequence. Instead, a slit-scan photography technique was used. It was inspired by Stanly Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

    Words and pictures don’t do justice. If you haven’t watched Interstellar, you must. The visual effects alone are worth watching!

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  • April Fools After The Fact

    April Fool's Day was yesterday. If you were pranked at work or home then you already know this. Perhaps it totally passed you by as it did me. Maybe you were busy celebrating National Sourdough Bread Day or National One Cent Day - really, these days are real. Nothing bad happened to me although we had some pretty good ideas we floated around the office for next year.

    I was reading yesterday some pretty good news stories from Yahoo Tech:

    Awesome Pranks From Google, Virgin, Samsung, and Other April Fools. Some of my favorites are Google Pac Maps, the Galaxy Blade S6 and the Smartmail by Inbox by Gmail.

    Also, check this link for 10 Greatest Internet April Fools’ Day Jokes of All Time where you will lean about Rick Rolling and canned unicorn meat.

    Enjoy the articles!

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