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  • Techy New Year's Resolutions!

    It’s that time of year again where we take out a piece of paper and pen and jot down our New Year’s resolution. The most common resolutions listed are losing weight, quit smoking, and saving money. These are universal commitments that are timeless, but what about habits that we all struggle with today? Technology has always been meant to make our lives easier, and while it’s obviously known that electronics have enhanced our day-to-day lives, you can’t push away the reality of our anti-social behavior that has been greatly affected.


    So add some tech resolutions to your list for the New Year!

    No Smartphones While Grubbing

    While I am SOMETIMES guilty of this….I think it would be nice to start a meal without taking a picture of my food and then sharing it on Instagram. Almost everywhere you go to eat you will find at least one guest leaning over their table trying to get that perfect photo of their meal. It’s pretty funny when you’re the one watching!

    Check this BuzzFeed post on people who take pictures of their food! 

    A big pet peeve of mine is actually when I’m having lunch or dinner with someone and it’s practically pointless because I might as well be having dinner with their phones. Texting, checking social media, emails…all that can wait people! Just eat your food and share that moment with your friend. Whenever my husband and I go out to eat, we stack both our phones and place it at the end of the table, and whoever touches it first has to do something embarrassing. It works because we never lay a finger on it. In a time where we all feel stretched thin and barely have a moment to enjoy someone else’s company, setting the phone down at mealtimes assures that you and company will be able to bond more. Just put your phone down. Simple!

    Don’t Drive Distracted!

    Yesterday morning as I was driving to church, I picked up my phone and was looking through my iTunes to change songs. Meanwhile, I heard a loud honk. I looked to my right and there was an old lady staring me down, and as she was honking at me she was yelling “GET OFF THE PHONE!! STOP TEXTING!!!” She was super angry! I wasn’t even texting! My normal self would’ve ignored her, or probably tell her to back off, but I knew she was right. It didn’t matter if I was texting or not.  It was the fact that I had my phone in my hand that was a distraction. It could not only endanger my life, but others as well. Put the phone down, and keep your eyes up folks!


    Make sure to back up your files and then back those files up! There’s no such thing as being too safe! Oh man, there were so many incidents where my hard drive would crash and I would regret not backing it up! Once a month, make a copy of your external drive just to be safe. Also another way to back up (if you have a Mac) would be to set up Time Machine to back up your files daily.

    I will add all of these to my New Year's resolution! Will you? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below

  • Happy Holidays From Aluratek!

    Today is an exciting day! We are having our Aluratek Holiday Potluck / White Elephant / Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. Our very own have come up with hilarious, handmade Christmas sweaters that are beautifully hideous while some others “tried” to participate (ahem, Dave!). Either way, everyone looks fabulous today! I’m currently typing this as we wait for our potluck to start. So hungry! Aluratek consists of employees from different cultures so our potlucks have all sorts of dishes, and they are all VERY delicious! And last but not least, we will end our day with a traditional White Elephant exchange! I’m soooo ready to steal, steal, steal presents! Whoever gets mine however…. I don’t know what their reaction will be, but I’m excited to see it (or very nervous)!

    Here are some fun photos that I’ve taken throughout the day!

    image Rockin that Ugly Christmas Sweater like a BOSS!
    image_1 Making Yvette's "christmas sweater" out of wrapping paper!
    image_2 The girls!
    image_3 Our beloved Christmas tree, Dougie.
    image_4 Only half of the food each of us brought for our potluck! Yum!!!
    image_5 Akemi caught red handed stealing food before lunch! Tsk tsk
    image_6 caught red handed again...along with Greg
    image_7 John's ugly christmas sweater that is a tad bit too small on him?
    image_8 Dave's awesome christmas sweater.
    photo 1 LET'S GRUB!
    photo 2 Greg won one of our refurbished products for his white elephant gift! HAHA!! Poor Greggy
    photo 3 John's hilarious white elephant gift!
    photo 4 Best gifts ever??

    T'was a fun and eventful day here at Aluratek. Now we await for the New Year and can't wait to see what's in store for us!

    Aluratek wants to wish you a happy holidays and we all hope you guys share it with all your loved ones!

    Are you excited for Christmas? What is on your Christmas wishlist? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below

  • Keep Your Desk Organized & Productive

    It had been said that cleanliness = productivity. Keeping your desk clean is key to being productive at work. Yet, we’ve all seen it before. The one person in the office who has a zillion sticky notes all over their computer screen, or has cables running all over the place or stacks of paper that seem to have no organization. Well, don’t fall into the same habit. A cluttered desk can lower valuable productivity and cause you to waste time searching for important items.

    Thankfully, Aluratek is here to give you some handy tips for keeping your desk organized.

    Use a filing system – A great habit to start is to file important documents into a system that you’ll be able to easily locate in the future. To begin this process, it’s good to keep blank file folders and a label maker at your desk. This will only take a few minutes to do and could save you hours of playing hide-and-seek in the future.

    Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter – Do you need all those knickknacks and office accessories laying all over your desk? Unless they serve a purpose, get them off your work surface. You don’t have to go to the extreme of creating a sterile workspace, but if you are not using it, move it off your desk.

    Throw out pens – Ok, well you don’t actually need to trash them, but there’s no need for 20 pens. Remove any uncapped or excess pens; you only need two or three.

    Limit the amount of photo frames – Too many frames can clutter your desk and cause a distraction. A good alternative would be to store all of your photos on one of our Digital Photo Frames. Store thousands of pictures at one time with 512MB  to 4GB of built in memory.

    Don’t eat at your desk – This can be hard at times. We all have busy schedules and finding the time to pause what we’re doing and eat in the break lounge can be nearly impossible. However, eating at your desk makes it easy for breadcrumbs to find their way into your keyboard. Also, it is nice to take a mental break from work. By doing so, you can enjoy a little time away from phone and computer interruptions.

    Eliminate the cords – In this technological society we are living in, many of us have a plethora of electronics on our desk. All of these cables can quickly turn into a tangled mess. Why not clear the clutter with our 10-Port USB 2.0 Hub? Easily connect your printer, scanner, external hard drive, cell phone and more in one device.

    When in Doubt, Throw It Out – You will never need 99% of the papers that you are saving. When in doubt, throw it out. If you truly need a hard copy, make sure you have a filing system in place s o you can locate it later.

    Do you have any tips to share? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Holy Christmas!

    Holy Christmas, Batman! I can’t believe Christmas is NEXT THURSDAY!

    Time is creeping up too fast, and there’s still so much to plan for. Aluratek is making it easy for our customers to unwrap unbelievable savings this holiday season. If you haven’t heard about our liquidation event yet, well let me tell you about it! Aluratek is currently having an Open House Liquidation Event where you can find great deals on all of our certified refurbished products! There is something for everyone and the best part is your wallet won’t suffer! We have a ton of products that are perfect stocking stuffers or stacking up gifts under your Christmas tree. So step into our Open House Liquidation Event and start shopping! Time is ticking! Make sure to place your order so the shipment arrives in time for Christmas!

    Happy Holidays!!

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  • 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway Update!

    Hello, happy Monday!

    We would like to update you on our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! So far we have received a great number of participants and we are so thrilled to hand out products that we carefully selected for this contest.

    12 Days Of Christmas Blog

    Thank you to everyone who have participated in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Don't worry! The raffle is not finished yet. There are 6 days left, so if you haven't entered yet, please do! You will have a chance to win fabulous prizes so why not?! We will announce the winner for DAY 7 tomorrow morning, so go on our Facebook page to enter, and you just might be the lucky one!

    Enter our contest today and tell your family and friends to do the same? Visit our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages to let us know, or leave a comment below!

  • Enter the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


    In the giving spirit of the season, Aluratek would like to invite you to participate in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Starting December 2nd, Aluratek will be raffling off a different product each day for the next 12 days with a WINNER EACH DAY! Each morning a new raffle will begin and the winner will be announced the following morning followed by the next raffle. The product of the day will be kept a secret until a winner is chosen and the prize "unwrapped" for all to see. The value of the gift will increase each day. The grand prize raffle will be held on the morning of December 14th with the winner announced shortly thereafter. For a chance to win simply go to our Facebook Contests page for all the details.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

    - Aluratek

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  • Cyber Monday

    Good morning! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, friends and FOOD! Now that you’ve had your tummies filled from turkey and pie, and maybe even shoved a few shoppers out of your way, you can finally relax in front of your computer and get ready to make some awesome purchases for Cyber Monday.

    There are great deals all around you, and Aluratek is currently having a liquidation period where you will be able to find awesome products on our refurbished page! We need to clear some space in our warehouse to make room for all the great new products coming in 2015. Check out our low low prices on many of our Certified Refurbished products from our Outlet Store. Unlike most Cyber Monday events where deals last for one day, our Open House Liquidation Event will keep on going and going!

    Here are a couple of products that will go great inside a Christmas stocking that you can find from our Open House Liquidation Event :





    Happy Shopping!

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