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  • Walking Through Memory Lane

    I was looking through some old photo albums recently, and I found myself filled with so many different emotions as I walked through memory lane. It felt weird to hold a bulky book that contained some of my most fondest memories. Pretty old school. Then just this morning, I was swiping through images on my iPhone, and felt the exact same way I felt looking through my old albums! There are so many captured moments in photographs that can never be repeated again. Whether it's a spontaneous moment with friends, a loved one who passed away, or even your old, dorky high school photos...we all have our way of storing our most cherished memories.

    In decades past, there were photo albums, big and small made from leather cloth, decorated with gold, and bound down with porcelain hinges. Then scanners were introduced to the world with a great concept of being able to digitally transfer your printed photo to your computer. From there, you are able to burn them onto a CD or DVD. Then came memory cards, USB, and external hard drives. You can still do all of the above, but it seems that today's photo album is the internet. You can shoot images on your smartphone, post it up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media application. It's a great tool, and your photos will always be there (as long as nothing crashes of course!). Photographers are provided with a resourceful photo storage and backup system that will offer security to those moments we cherish in our digital photo collection. Online photo storage allows you to save your memories for ages, so that you can continue to capture more memories and take more photographs. I find it really amazing how much has changed from the days of adding hundreds of photos to a tangible photo album, to now where we can store the same amount of photos into a small electronic device.

    So my question to you is: Where do you store your favorite memories?

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  • Global Selfie Update

    Global Selfie

    On Earth Day this past April, NASA invited people around the world to step outside to take a “selfie” and share it with the world through social media. Aluratek participated in this event by taking a photo out front of our office in Irvine, CA. Check out our blog post titled, "What The Heck Is A #GlobalSelfie?" Last week, NASA released the new view of our home planet created entirely from those photos. The project was designed to encourage environmental awareness and recognize the agency’s ongoing work to protect our home planet.

    The “Global Selfie” mosaic was built using over 36,000 individual photographs drawn from the more than 50,000 images tagged #GlobalSelfie and posted on or around Earth Day. The mosaic is a zoomable 3.2-gigapixel image that people can scan and explore to take a closer look at the variety of pictures. The mosaic is hosted on the Web by GigaPan. See if you can find yours. Better yet, see if you can find ours! I have looked but have yet to find it.

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  • The Sound of Music

    Today is “Buy-A-Musical Instrument” Day! How random is that? If you are a musician in need of a new instrument, today is the day to get one! Or if you are interested in learning an instrument, today is your day!  It’s never too late to learn an instrument. People pick up music all the time as a hobby! However, who has the time to actually sit down and learn guitar tabs or piano chords? It definitely takes a lot of commitment and effort to learn!  We busy people would much rather relax and listen to music, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that! I actually play a few instruments, and I personally think enjoying some good tunes can bring a similar thrilling or peaceful feeling just as if you’re playing an instrument.  So it works out in the end for everyone! Yay!

    Aluratek is promoting a big Memorial Day sale for all the music lovers out there! We have carefully selected some of our very best audio products that will send melodious bliss to your ears. Many of them are Bluetooth compatible speakers where you can stream your songs straight from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices. These portable speakers are perfect for traveling. It’s so easy to use and super convenient! You do not want to miss out on this sale because it ends on May 31!

    And I'll leave you with a awesome video of 2 classical cello players jamming to a popular AC/DC song!

    Have a splendid Memorial Day weekend! Till next time!

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  • Memorial Day Sale!

    In addition to honoring all the brave soldiers who have served our great nation, Memorial Day is a day where we love to barbecue out in the backyard, soak up the sun at the beach, and have relaxing picnics at the park with family and friends!

    Memorial Day also means great Memorial Day sales! You won’t want to miss Aluratek’s fantastic savings on our collection of portable audio devices!

    Our wireless audio products are designed for easy traveling and high volume with a full rich sound, so you can enjoy music everywhere you go! Take music to your Memorial Day event!

    So get ready to save big with our budget-friendly Memorial Day special deals! This promotion only extends through May 31st, so hurry!

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  • Heat Wave!

    The heat in California has certainly been extreme these past few days. Regardless of whether these heat waves persist, it certainly started early. It's without a doubt going to be a long summer! There's nothing wrong with the weather being nice and toasty, but when the heat surpasses our comfort level...well, that's not cool at all (get it?)

    This is the type of heat that no one can enjoy which means more time indoors. Most of us would rather avoid the weather, and hang out inside our homes with the A/C blasting anyway. There are fun things that can take place indoors, and Aluratek has a few things to offer you to make life easier in this crazy heat wave!

    BUMP Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker

    A great way to relax inside your cool home is by listening to some of your favorite tunes! The BUMP blue tooth mini speaker packs quite a punch with its volume. Pair to your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, tablet or computer for your listening pleasure.

    Universal Folio Travel Case for 8-inch Tablets

    Enjoy a good movie on your tablet while protecting it with a stylish case! The Universal Folio Travel Case allows you to securely protect your tablet as you transfer it around wherever you go (probably where the A/C is most blasting in your house!)

    Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand

    If you don't have a case for your tablet, Aluratek's Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand is a great way to prop up your device on our tablet stand when you're watching a movie or reading a good book!

    Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds

    Who would want to go out for a jog during a heat wave? That doesn't mean you can't work out indoors! Our Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds is built for you to enjoy music while working out. These earbuds are also sweat proof and tangle free to make life a bit easier!

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  • Marketplace Open To The Public

    Aluratek is pleased to announce that the (formerly Marketplace for Aluratek products is now open. You can find great pricing on a number of our products offered by Rakuten right from our Facebook page. Click on the product and you will be taken directly to Rakuten's product page for easy purchase.

    To find the markeplace, simply go to our Facebook page and under the cover image next to "Likes" select "More" and in the drop down menu you will find "Shop". You can also see the Rakuten Marketplace app in the left side margin.

    What Aluratek products catch your eye at our marketplace? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Working At Home Moms

    Oh no! Summer is quickly approaching, and that means the kids will be staying home with you and away from school! You love your kids to death, but let's be on earth are you planning to get all your work done when you have to constantly keep your eyes on the little ones?! Seems impossible, right? Do not fear! Aluratek carries a variety of useful products that can prepare for working at home during the Summer!

    Universal Folio Travel Case for 8-inch Tablets

    Protect your tablet with one of our elegant cases while you're on the go! The collapsible cover of this case transforms into a handy and stable stand with multi-angle viewing so you can read and view your tablet!

    Bluetooth Folio Case with Removable Keyboard

    This folio case is the perfect solution to carry and protect your iPad while giving you functionality and convenience throughout your day! You will enjoy the high quality and feel while having comfort in knowing your iPad is protected (from the kids).

    Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand

    The Universal Tablet / iPad / eReader Stand is the perfect accessory to introduce to your device. Prop up your tablet with this stand, and keep your kids occupied with a movie or a game at the kitchen table while you're cooking lunch!

    Lithium-ion Battery Case for Galaxy S3

    When you're out running errands with the kids the last thing you want is for your phone to run out of batteries! Get on-the-go power and protection for your Galaxy S3 in a sleek, light-weight external rechargeable case. We carry this case for the iPhone too!

    4-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub w/ Attached Cable

    This hub provides the easiest way to expand your connectivity for your desktop or laptop. With increasing number of USB devices such as MP3 players, and external hard drives, you always need more USB ports for your computer. It will make your life easier around the house!

    As a "working at home" mom, which one of these products would make your life easier? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Cinco De Mayo

    Cinco De Mayo- A day about drinking beer and tequila, right? Wrong. Oh wait! Isn’t it Mexico’s Independence Day? Wrong, again!

    People tend to forget the reason why Mexico celebrates this special day. Cinco De Mayo is a day commemorating a victory by outmanned and outgunned Mexican army troops on May 5, 1862, during a French attack in the Battle of Puebla. This single military battle signified defeat of a European colonial invasion and a win for the Mexican people that became a representation of unity and identity. Cinco De Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and the United States.

    Music is a great way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Try tuning into your favorite Spanish station to hear all kinds of festive music, or you can try some of Aluratek’s collection of Bluetooth audio speakers! Digitally stream your favorite songs with our Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Tablet Stand where you simply place your tablet right on top of the stand and hear the music flow out of the speakers! We also have our Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and Brick iPhone / iPod / iPad  Speaker Dock with Built-in Amplifier that are small enough to carry around everywhere you go, and also packs quite a punch with their powerful sound!

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    How are you celebrating Cinco De Mayo with technology? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • World's Toughest Job

    This video pretty much sums up everything moms do. Mother's Day is just around the corner! What a wonderful day--a day to be honored for all the hard (and often overlooked) work that they do...the physical, emotional, mental and even educational.

    How are you planning to show your gratitude to that special mom?

    Aluratek is holding a huge sale for Mother's Day! A great way to show how much you love and care for her is to gift her with all her favorite memories. Our digital photo frames are perfect for storing images of all her precious moments she shares with her loved ones. Shop our handpicked collection of digital frames for your mother today, and let her know that her hard work is greatly appreciated! This Mother's Day promotion ends on May 12, so hurry!

    To all the mothers out there...thank you for all that you do!

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