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  • Bring Your Treasured Memories To Life

    10 inch Digital Photo Frame with 4GB Built-in Memory

    Aluratek is proud to announce the arrival of our new 10 inch Digital Photo Frame with 4GB Built-in Memory. This new frame is a wonderful addition to our Digital Photo Frame product line-up as another solution to bring your treasured photos and memories to life with incredible image clarity in rich and vibrant colors all on the TFT true color LCD at 1024 x 600 resolution at an ideal 16:9 aspect ratio. The functional and stylish frame makes a great addition to any room of your house or office environment. With 4GB of built-in storage, memory card reader and USB support, it is easy to transfer and store all your favorite photos, videos and music. Here are some great features the 10" frame offers:

    • True Digital LCD Panels for Clearer Pictures - Like watching HDTV (High Definition Television) instead of standard definition TV.

    • Slideshow Support - Set-up photo slideshows set to background music. Slideshows can be configured to play photos in various display and transition modes. Photos will be automatically resized to fit the LCD screen perfectly in a 16:9 aspect ratio and photos will be rotated to their proper orientation automatically.

    • Multimedia Experience - In addition to photos, ADMPF310F also plays videos and music through the frame's integrated stereo speakers.

    • User Friendliness - The user interface is designed to be as intuitive and easy to navigate as possible, with no required setup and no software to install.

    • Digital Signage Solution - Showcase videos of your product or service in action or play a greeting message, tutorial or educational video. You could also use pictures in slideshow mode to tell a story, display business hours, sale items, specials and menu boards, etc. The possibilities are endless!

    This amazing frame will be featured tomorrow in our Mother's Day promo eNewsletter. To receive the promo code, please subscribe to our eNewsletter.

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  • Dance The Week Away!

    Did you know National Dance Week starts tomorrow? National Dance Week is an annual event (April 25-May 4) in the United States sponsored by the United Dance Merchants of America. The objective of this event is to boost public awareness and admiration of various forms of dance.  The non-profit organization brings a ton of fun through their event with flash mobs, contests, and performances.

    How are you going to celebrate National Dance Week? You can watch a classic movie like Footloose, or you can go super classic and watch Singing in the Rain (who doesn’t love a tap dancing Gene Kelly?!). You can attend a ballet, or do it the right way and just DANCE!

    Aluratek offers a variety of ways to celebrate this year’s National Dance Week. Here are a few highlighted items that will want make you dance like no one is watching!

    Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Aluratek offers even the most difficult to please audiophiles the ultimate listening experience possible in a small yet powerful footprint. Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the speaker and dance to the music!

    Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

    Stream your favorite tunes and listen to audio from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac laptop. Easy to reach buttons makes it convenient to change tracks and adjust the volume to your favorite dancing tune!

    BUMP Portable MP3 & FM Radio Boombox

    Easily play your music with no configuring or software needed. Simply connect MP3 players and other audio devices with 3.5mm auxiliary audio output or insert a SD / SDHC Card and start “Bumping” to your jam!

    And lastly, I leave you with..."The Evolution of Dance"...enjoy!

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  • What The Heck Is A #GlobalSelfie?

    Earth Day #GlobalSelfie

    Earth Day is tomorrow April 22nd and "NASA invites you -- and everyone else on the planet -- to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency's #GlobalSelfie event."

    Make a #GlobalSelfie with NASA on Earth Day - That is what NASA would like you to do and I will comply out of shear curiosity. You can see the picture above I will post tomorrow on social media.

    So just what the heck is a #GlobalSelfie anyway? Well NASA says they will be monitoring five social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr for your posted photos tagged with #GlobalSelfie which will be used to create a mosaic image of Earth - a new "Blue Marble" built bit by bit with your photos. You can read more about how you can take part in this event.

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  • Easter Basket Alternatives

    Kids love Easter. Can you blame them? It’s a day filled with Easter egg hunts, egg dyes, and their favorite Easter baskets filled with sweet treats and goodies! It’s definitely a day filled with joy and laughter for the little ones. However, all that candy can drive the parents up the wall with their kids running around on a sugar rush! If you want to avoid the madness and want to go light on the sweets, why not replace their Easter basket goodies with items that you know kids will love and use? Now, I’m not saying to get rid of ALL the sugary goodies (this may cause a dangerous riot within the children), but what about an alternative that‘s useful and will last?

    Aluratek offers a selection of tech goodies that children of all ages can benefit from! These would be great additions to any Easter basket!

    1. Universal Folio Travel Case: Kids can enjoy watching their favorite TV show hands-free with our tablet case. This stylish case also provides suction cups and a mounting system that loops around the tablet’s four corners that holds it securely in place.

    2. Universal Tablet/ iPad/ eReader Stand: Here is another great tablet stand kids can find useful when they’re playing games, watching movies, and reading ebooks!

    3. BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker: A small portable speaker for your little ones! Don’t underestimate the size because Aluratek’s BUMP portable mini speaker can produce a strong volume! Bump up your kids’ favorite song on this speaker, and watch them groove to the music!

    4. Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones: These speakers deliver hands-free convenience and superb hi-fidelity stereo sound wirelessly for your kids! They can stream their favorite songs and listen to audio from a tablet, PC, Mac laptop or a smart phone!

    Although these items may be more than your average spending on goodies to fill up an Easter basket, the quality and durability that they bring will outlast any other treats!

    Happy Easter!

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  • Spring Cleaning = Super Savings

    Spring Cleaning Outlet SaleSpring has finally arrived. (For the record, the first day of Spring - aka, the spring equinox - was Thursday, March 20th.) With the spring season comes the synonomous spring cleaning. So, get out the brooms and dustbusters! It's time to clean up and rid your house of all the unnecessary clutter that has accumulated in the past year by placing it all in cardboard boxes for your next garage sale.

    Well, Aluratek is no different. We clean house every year by assessing all of our product inventory and placing some of it in our own "cardboard box" known as the Aluratek Outlet Store. Here you will find refurbished and legacy product at amazing reduced prices. We are talking 25% - 50% and yes even 75% off items from their regular MSRP! What are Refurbished Product? Refurbs are product in the outlet store that are mostly customer returns that meet original factory specifications.

    You can read more details on why Aluratek Certified Refurbished Product are a great value, and a perfect buying option for our customers. We have just added new product and reduced our pricing on dozens of already low priced refurbished product.

    So hop on over, hop to it, spring forward (Groan, had to do it) to our Spring Cleaning = Super Savjngs Outlet Sale! Act fast because refurbished supply can be very limited and we often run out of inventory. There is something for everyone. See below for a sample of the savings you can expect. Happy spring shopping!

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  • Tech-Savvy Sporting Venues

    Attending a live sports game always guarantees a fun time. Whether its baseball, football or basketball, the atmosphere is always exciting when you are surrounded by other loyal fans cheering their hearts out!  However, the attendance rate of fans going to an actual game is decreasing. Why go to a football game when it costs at least $100 to just sit in the nosebleeds section? Why attend a basketball game when you have the best seats right on your couch with your 60” HD TV screen?  Franchises are spending hundreds of millions of dollars restoring their venues to entice fans back in to the stands. Strong Wi-Fi connections, massive video display boards, and engaging social media communications have become common features for ballparks, arenas, and stadiums.

    Here is a list of sports facilities that have drastically enhanced their venues to be more tech-friendly, and give their fans an unforgettable experience!

    1. AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys)

    This stadium can hold more than 100,000 fans rain or shine with their retractable roof. The AT&T Stadium hosted the 2011 Super Bowl and showed off their remarkable technology. One of their most impressive feature hangs over the field with the world’s largest HDTVs. The Cowboys have two gigantic 2,100 inch 1090p LED displays (priced at $40 million) to show game statistics and instant replays throughout the entire game.

    2. Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland Cavaliers)

    Every NBA team is using a motion tracking system called SportVU that is able to track a player’s speed, number of dribbles, shot arc and even statistics. But what’s unique about the Cavalier’s is that in 2013, they were the first team to present this information on the center scoreboard allowing fans at the game to see them.

    What’s also cool is the arena has 92 luxury suites with SmartTouch technology. Patrons use a provided iPad to buy merchandise, order food, and buy tickets for future games.

    3. Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers)

    The Dodgers partnered with ANC Sports Enterprises to install twin video screens above the right and left field pavilions. They are the first Major Leagues organization that have 10mm 1080p high-definition LED displays in their field.

    The new video screens help the Dodger fans to view instant replays and statistics a lot better than their previous jumbo screen. The design of the screen is in the recognizable hexagonal shape of the stadium’s original scoreboard to hold on to their classic ballpark feel.

    4. Georgia Dome 2.0 (Atlanta Falcons)

    Although the Georgia Dome 2.0 won’t be ready until 2017, the franchise have provided some information about how they plan to enhance the fans’ experiences. It is rumored that the seats will be set up to vibrate when a big tackle/hit happens during the play so fans can see and feel the game. This will allow fans to experience the intensity of the play and feel as if they are involved.

    Fans are constantly uploading pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while they are the game so it is important to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. However, a big bummer that could happen is running out of battery! That is the worst! Georgia Dome 2.0 will provide outlets and chargers on all the seats so fans can conveniently charge their phones and tablets! They will also provide high-density Wi-Fi so the fans can advertise the game and team with social media applications.

    5. Consol Energy Center (Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Adding to their 800 HDTV and a LED ring that circles the arena, the Penguins have four 25-foot tall electric HD screens that hang at center ice to show instant replays, live play and the score. They also have a number of 22-inch touch screen TVs that live stream other hockey game, and even give statistics and other information to the viewer.

    Lastly, this ice arena has a virtual 3D Stanley Cup displayed so fans and players can dream about winning a championship.

    6. Levi’s Stadium (San Francisco 49ers)

    While teams are renovating and trying to better their venue, the San Francisco 49ers are completely relocating and building a brand new stadium for their players and fans. Levi’s Stadium will be located in Santa Clara. The biggest change the fans will notice are the new scoreboards. Two scoreboards (13,600 square feet of display area) will be located at either ends of the field. This will allow fans to view instant replays ten times better!

    The mobile app being developed to improve the stadium experience is what is generating a lot of buzz lately and will most likely be the feature that sets them apart from the rest of all NFL venues. The app will be able to monitor wait times at concessions and bathrooms so fans are able to gauge a good time go get what they need. Another cool feature from the app is fans will be able to order food from their phones or tablet where they can either pick it up from the stands, or have the food delivered to you! Fans will also be able to pay for the food through their electronic device.

    Accessing mobile service at the old stadium was nearly impossible! The 49ers are building a wireless network strong enough to handle 75,000 different connections at the same time to ensure fans will get the best connection on their phones.

    Which new features would you like to see happen at your favorite sports' venue? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • 4 Great Reasons To Make You (And Your Tablet) Happy

    It is Aluratek's persistent goal to provide our customers with the most practical and user friendly devices on the market. We are happy to announce our Universal Folio Travel Cases for 8" and 10" Tablets. These cases are an elegant solution to carry and protect your 8" and 10" tablets while boasting a stylish design. Made specifically for 8" and 10" tablets, the universal design allows for easy installation of your tablet and allows access to all your tablet's ports. The light weight and slim design makes these cases the perfect travel companion.

    The universal, stylized case can accommodate a wide range of 8" tablets including the iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 8.0, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, LG G Pad 8.3 (V500), Asus MeMo Pad 8 and Acer Iconia W4-820 and accommodate a wide range of 10" tablets including the iPad 2 /3 /4, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

    Looking for a good reason to choose Aluratek for your tablet case needs? Here are 4 great reason that will make you (and your tablet) happy:

    Secure Magnetic ClaspMagnetic Clasp - A magnetic clasp at front ensures that the case stays closed by wrapping around to the back side of the case. The clasp is made from genuine stitched leather and features a beautifully embossed Aluratek logo.

    Soft Microfiber LiningMicrofiber Lining - Soft microfiber lining on the inside of the cases gives your tablet reliable protection from scratches, finger marks and dust. The durable case also provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock.

    2-part Mounting SystemSecure Mounting System - The universal folio case provides a 2-part mounting system which includes strong suction cups and bungee and leather loops for each of the tablet's four corners, holding it securely in place.

    Multi-angle ViewingMulti-angle Viewing - The collapsible cover transforms into a handy and stable stand with multi-angle viewing so you can read and view your tablet hands-free. Choose up to three different angles.

    Which feature of our Universal Cases are you most happy to see? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

  • Case Closed

    I don’t know about you, but I am a very clumsy person especially when it comes to electronic devices. I instill fear into my poor gadgets!  As I was surfing the web this morning something appealing caught my attention. I found an interesting page by SquareTrade where they ranked the states people are most likely to drop, damage or break their iPads. SquareTrade has taken a look at all of the Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) claims for iPad warranties that are at least 6 months old, estimated them over 2 years and concluded with the top 5 clumsiest states.

    Check this out!

    Mississippi takes the cake for the clumsiest state! Those Mississippians probably have clammy hands from the hot temperatures which cause their iPads to slip out! I’m not sure if they have protective cases on their iPad or not, but something is just not working for them.  If you don’t have a protective case for your iPad or other tablet device, you are walking on a dangerous line! A simple drop can be the demise of your precious tablet! Many people refuse to use a protective case simply because it takes away the clean look of the iPad or tablet which is completely understandable, but there’s always a solution to a problem and I have a solution for you!

    I present to you Aluratek's new Universal Travel Folio Case! Ta-da!

    Aluratek just brought in beautiful Universal Folio Travel Cases (7", 8", 10") to protect your tablets while showing off its stylish design. A magnetic clasp ensures that the case stays closed. The universal folio case comes with suction cups and a mounting system that loops around the tablet’s four corners, holding it firmly in place. How great is that?!

    So to all the folks in Mississippi, the other 4 states, and everyone else out there, if buying a new iPad/tablet every time it is damaged is growing tiresome, do yourself a favor and purchase one of our Universal Folio Travel Case!

    Case closed.

    How clumsy are you with your electronic devices? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

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