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  • Unbelievable Stats And Predictions For The Holiday Shopping Weekend

    Black Friday Madness! Agggghghhh!

    Black Friday through Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping weekend of the year that kicks off the Christmas holiday season. It seems this massive shopping event is accompanied by more hype and hoopla every year. Bigger sales, earlier open times and bigger crowds. Will you have an experience similar to the picture above? Take a look at these mind-blowing statistics and predictions for this upcoming holiday shopping weekend.

    37% - percent of American adults will go shopping on Black Friday (57 % of Black Friday shoppers will “find the experience to be fun".)

    307,000,000 - total number who shopped in stores or online on Black Friday

    2,470,000 - total number of Google News search results for “Black Thursday"

    $59 billion -  estimated sales from Thursday - Sunday (up from $52.4B in 2011)

    $247 million - total number of weekend shoppers (up from $226M in 2011)

    $35 million - number of Americans who visited retailers’ stores and websites on Thanksgiving (up from $29M last year)

    $89 million - number of Black Friday shoppers (up from $86M in 2011)

    $423 - average spent by a shopper in 2012 (up from $398 in 2011 & $365 in 2010)

    $194 - average consumer internet spending on Black Friday in 2012

    41% - percent of a consumer’s online spending for the weekend

    Speaking of online sales, here are the top 5 most visited online retailers:
    1. - 7.7 million
    2. - 3.5 million
    3. Best Buy - 2.75 million
    4. Target - 2.25 million
    5. Apple - 1.5 million

    Of course we too will be having our own Black Friday promo. Please be on the look out for our promo advertised through our social media channels. Also, those who subscribe to our eNewsletter will get the first crack at the promotional deals in their inbox tomorrow morning. Happy shopping!

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  • Appreciate Veterans Day With Technology

    Remember Our VeteransDid you know there are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States? The men and women who serve come from all walks of life. Most of us have a family member, co-worker (our very own John C. Messenger, National Account Manager - Thanks!) or friend that has served in the military. So today, please gives thanks to those veterans who have served their country.

    Technology has made for incredible advances on the war front, but how about the home front? Showing your support and appreciation for our veterans is easier than ever before. Here are a few ways you can appreciate Veterans Day with technology:

    1. World War II Memorial App. This smartphone app helps you explore the World War II Memorial, sharing war stories as part of a virtual tour and offering a database to pull information up on those killed. The App is available on iTunes & Google Play.

    2. The Honor Wall. This website from is based on more than 20 million records and personal memories uploaded by loved ones, which honors service members who served from current wars all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The Honor Wall documents letters home, photos and awards of veterans.

    3. TroopTree. TroopTree is a free private video messaging platform for military families to stay in touch with their loved ones overseas. KeepTree provides the free service which allows soldiers or their family members to leave messages for each other to be viewed at any time. The videos can be stored and saved forever so families can rewatch the videos.  Message can also be made ahead of time for family to watch at a later date.

    4. Cell Phones for Soldiers. This service recycles old cell phones and turns them into calling cards for soldiers. Since its inception, Cell Phones for Soldiers has provided 181 million minutes of free talk time for soldiers as well as help recycle 10.8 million cell phones! Find out how you can recycle your old cell phone today.

    5. Cup of Joe for a Joe. For just $2, you can send a cup of coffee to a soldier. California based coffee company Green Beans Coffee has several cafes serving soldiers at military bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti East Africa, Oman, and United Arab Emirates.

    6. Discounts. lists discounts, sales and everything free for vets and their families, ranging from free dinners to haircuts and oil changes. There is also a meal guide of deals for not only veterans, but also active duty and retired military. Many offers require a valid military ID or proof of military service.

    How are you honoring Veterans Day? Share your comments with us by visiting our Facebook page or leaving a comment below!

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