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  • Comic-Con Experience Loads of Fun!

    This last weekend I finally made my way to San Diego for this year's Comic Con. I had been wanting to go for years and was planning to go last year but could not make the trip. I wrote about my Comic-Con Pilgrimage On Hold last year. I was determined this year and nothing could stop me from experiencing this massive event. And I do mean massive! The scale and fervor of the show was bigger than I had ever imagined. It really was a spectacle to behold!

    Again (like last year) I woke up early on a February (I think) morning to buy my ticket. Again I was very far back in line, but thankfully a friend of mine was able to log-in a buy a weekend pass for me. Fast forward to last Saturday morning and I hit the road early to hopefully miss all traffic into San Diego. I had though about getting a room in the area for the weekend but I waited to long and either all the rooms were booked or the prices were absurdly high - from Oceanside to San Diego out East to Escondido!

    Found parking fairly close to my surprise but it wasn't long until we hit the throngs of people making their way to the convention center. There looked to be hundreds to thousands of people already lined up to get inside Hall H. I would love to attend a Hall H panel, but nothing is that exciting or interesting for me to have to wait on line for hours. As we left the hall later that day, there were people already getting in line to experience Hall H on Sunday. That's over a 12 hour wait!! I expected the crowds though. At times inside the exhibit hall it was shoulder to shoulder and I experienced some of the worst human traffic jams ever. Despite all this I really enjoyed all the art and illustration, booths, exhibits and costumes. I realized that comic-con is not just about comics - but many other related genres like anime, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cartoons and industries like film and TV production, gaming, toys, apparel, publishing, etc... that help sustain and promote jobs and creativity. Looking forward to going again next year!

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  • Hot Summer Savings

    Hot Summer SavingsWith loads of sunny days and warm temperatures this summer, the outdoor possibilities that July provides should mean it’s anything but boring. But if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy yourself this month, shop our handpicked collection of summer saving goods to help beat the summer heat.

    Our summer promo features big savings like $80 off our CINEPAD 9.7" Multi-Touch Capacitive Tablet, $40 off our 8" model and $70 off our 7" model. Also find everyday savings on our BUMP portable mini speakers.

    You can also check out our Product Specials page and our Outlet Store for other great product offerings and deals. If you would like to keep current on new product offerings and product specials, please sign-up to receive our eNewsletter.

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  • Fight Summer Boredom in July

    The long, hot summer days can get real boring to some. Maybe that’s why July is considered National Anti-Boredom Month. With loads of sunny days and warm temperatures, the outdoor possibilities that July provides should mean it’s anything but boring. But if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy yourself this month check out these unexpected activity suggestions:

    Christmas in July- December 25th is still over five months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the Christmas spirit. It's never too early to start purchasing presents. Aluratek has plenty of specially priced products for everyone on your list. Holiday months are busy so why not get a head start?

    Play Catch Up - Summer is the perfect time to get lost in an eBook. Seasonal reading lists are full of exciting new titles, but why not spend some time revisiting the classics or even enjoying a classic story for the first time? Aluratek’s Libre eBook Readers include over 100 classic titles – providing great summer reads for free!

    Not sure were to get started? We recommend diving into Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the summer setting and child-like themes, make St. Petersburg the perfect place to slip away to this summer.

    Check it Off - What tasks have you been putting off? Painting the house or organizing the closet doesn’t sound like the most “fun” way to spend your summer. Active tasks with clear starting and ending points are a good way to fight boredom. Make these tasks more fun by listening to some great music on our Portable Wireless Speaker while you work. Not only will you find yourself occupied, but, at the end of the day, you can check something off your long-over-due to-do list!

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  • July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month

    Did you know that July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month? Wireless providers are encouraging its customers and cellphone users around the country to be mindful of others while on the phone.  This event was founded by Jacqueline Whitmore in 2002 with the intent to encourage the increasingly unmindful users of cellphones to be more respectful of their surroundings. Proper etiquette on the phone can be learned by all of us especially because, according to a U.S. wireless industry survey, 91% of Americans have a cell phone.

    Recent studies show the most significant concerns regarding cellphone habits are texting while driving, loud public conversations and talking on the phone in restaurants, movie theaters and bathrooms. Here are some tips from Consumer Cellular on how to avoid or break potentially rude cellphone habits:

    DO: Keep conversations private. Avoid discussing confidential or uncomfortable topics in public while on the phone.

    DON’T: “Cell yell,” or talk loudly on the phone, distracting those around you.

    DO: Turn your phone on vibrate or silent at business meetings, religious services, school functions, restaurants, theaters, sporting events etc. Also, avoid phone conversations and checking messages during these instances.

    DON’T: Have ridiculous and loud ringtones. And if your phone rings when you’re unable to answer, be sure to silence it immediately. 

    DO: Abide by cellphone laws to ensure safety. 

    DON’T: Text while driving. It’s illegal in most states and it puts yourself and others at risk. Another important rule to follow includes turning off your phone while in-flight. The signal emitted by cellphones could affect the navigational instruments used by pilots.

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